thank you

Just Say Thank You

So we were recently talking about saying thank you.  We each recounted stories about receiving a compliment or positive feedback.  Instead of saying thank you and accepting the compliment we would explain away the compliment, dodge the positive feedback or downplay it. Does anyone else find themselves doing this too?  Here is an example, you …

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Resilience is a cornerstone of our program. We  know that life can be difficult.  There are bumps in the road and as much as we would love nothing more than to put our kids in a bubble and protect them from any kind of pain, that’s not possible.  Resilience is the ability to overcome difficulties. …

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Attitude of Gratitude Let’s practice an Attitude of Gratitude.  Gratitude is such an important practice for us and we are so excited to share it with you!  It costs nothing yet makes such a BIG difference in our lives.  Studies have shown that it can increase happiness, lead to better physical health, better sleep, encourage …

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Goal Setting

Lets talk about GOALS.  When we are younger, goals and achievement seemed easier to quantify, right?  You get a grade in school, you make a sports team, etc.  You are constantly receiving feedback positive and negative when you are younger.  You can use that feedback to grow and track your progress.  As we get older …

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Think happy thoughts

Positive Thinking

Did you know that each of us has approximately 6,000 thoughts a day?  You read that right 6,000 thoughts A DAY.  That line of thinking got us thinking about positive thinking.  The power of positivity and thinking happy thoughts is a real scientifically proven theory.  So how do we try this positive thinking you ask, …

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