What Is It?

Women instinctually know how to nourish each other, and just being with each other is restorative.

– Tanja Taaljard

Fly is a program covering a wide range of topics including friendships, social media, mindfulness, self-care, goal setting, and positivity. We also focus on an attitude of gratitude, the strength that comes from social connections, and our own beautiful uniqueness. FLY celebrates sisterhood. FLY celebrates individuality and unity. FLY celebrates YOU.

There’s nothing like a conversation with a woman who understands you. - Beyonce

We explore each topic in different ways. Group discussion is an important part of this exploration, and a wonderful way to encourage sisterhood and interaction. In our group environment, the girls have permission to be authentic and express their thoughts, feelings, and anxieties freely. We create a safe space where everyone is treated with respect and kindness. We foster trust, openness, friendship, and support.

We also explore these topics through journaling. We provide a FLY kit that includes journals, writing materials, and positive affirmation stickers. Journaling can be very effective to process feelings and experiences in a way that feels safe. The act of writing things down can be highly therapeutic and a wonderful way to encourage self-reflection.

Along with writing, we encourage artistic expression in other mediums. Each week will involve some sort of activity, visual creation, a way to connect our feelings to a tangible endeavor. This will allow the girls to explore various art expressions and how each spark different feelings and reactions. Finding a way of expressing our thoughts and feelings that soothe our soul can be life changing. Exploration helps lead to this discovery.

Your breath is your anchor.

– Unknown

Each session closes with a focus on relaxation. Breath and meditation are powerful tools for our body and soul. By ending with this calming of our minds, the girls will feel grounded and peaceful. Learning to focus on the breath can heal and provide a wonderful center to our busy lives.

We also provide a healthy snack and yummy chocolate. While we nourish our minds and spirits, it’s important to take care of our bodies as well.

Our goal with FLY is to provide connection, and skills that help girls find their voices. FLY provides a safe space to explore real and current struggles, and the self-confidence to face them. We are here to give girl’s wings. We are here to help girls fly. We are here to remind them that when they are flying; they are never flying alone.