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thank you

Just Say Thank You

So we were recently talking about saying thank you.  We each recounted stories about receiving a compliment or positive feedback.  Instead of saying thank you

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Resilience is a cornerstone of our program. We  know that life can be difficult.  There are bumps in the road and as much as we

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Attitude of Gratitude Let’s practice an Attitude of Gratitude.  Gratitude is such an important practice for us and we are so excited to share it

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Goal Setting

Lets talk about GOALS.  When we are younger, goals and achievement seemed easier to quantify, right?  You get a grade in school, you make a

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Think happy thoughts

Positive Thinking

Did you know that each of us has approximately 6,000 thoughts a day?  You read that right 6,000 thoughts A DAY.  That line of thinking

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