First Love You

You Were Made to Soar

If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.
– Toni Morrison

Giving Girls Their Wings

Inspiring Girls to Love Themselves As They Are

Every empowered woman began as a curious and beautiful girl, ready to experience and learn all that life has to offer. But, to find happiness, all girls must first love themselves, just as they are. Unfortunately, girls today must navigate mixed messages about who they are ‘supposed to be’ pushed by the culture and media. At FLY, our girls learn that not only are they enough just as they are, but they are overflowing with confidence, goodness, kindness, and talent.

74% of Girls Say They are Under Pressure to Please Everyone.

We're Here to Change That

We Can Help You Find

Self Love


Self Confidence

We’re Here for You

A Sisterhood of Support

Between the ages of 9-13 girls suffer a dramatic loss of confidence. Fly is here to change that.

We provide a safe space for girls to bond, rejuvenate, and love themselves just as they are. Girls learn tools and techniques for building confidence, setting goals, and managing stress while having fun! FLY facilitates growth and self-confidence through meditation, art and open non-judgmental discussions.

FLY Empowers Girls to Believe

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