Comparison is the Thief of Joy


Too many times in life it feels like someone has more, is more successful, doing better, happier.  Instead of being genuinely happy for them we often feel bad about ourselves.  We ask ourselves why aren’t I doing that?  Why aren’t I happy like them? Why don’t I have what they have?

We want to turn this mentality OFF and get rid of it because you know what? Comparison is a serious thief of joy. We firmly believe this.  Me and you, we are all on different journeys.  We each have been put on this earth for a unique purpose.  A purpose that is ours alone.  Maybe its to be a great baker, be a great coach, be a great listener, be great at giving advice, being great at music, maybe its growing the best darn tomatoes around, maybe its writing a blog or a book, maybe its talking to that check out lady and making her smile..

What we know for sure is that each of us have unique gifts to share with the world.  Each of our differences are what make life beautiful. When we focus on ourselves and our own journey we begin to see others differently.  Less as competition and more as a teammate in life.  We can start to realize that if she succeeds as her best self, then I can succeed as my best self.  The ripples from this would be earth shattering.  So let’s all encourage each other to go after those dreams in our hearts.  Let’s all be women who build each other up and cheer for each other, because together, we are unstoppable.


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First Love You means to accept yourself as you are, including aspects that you cannot change. To have self-respect,a positive self-image, and an unending supply of self-acceptance. You must first love yourself, in order to love others.

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