Goal Setting


Lets talk about GOALS.  When we are younger, goals and achievement seemed easier to quantify, right?  You get a grade in school, you make a sports team, etc.  You are constantly receiving feedback positive and negative when you are younger.  You can use that feedback to grow and track your progress.  As we get older we don’t really get that anymore.  One day seems to run into the next, especially during this pandemic.  Different day but the same story.  One friend aptly called it “Ground Hogs Day.”  We become so routined, our lives are often times turn monotonous.  We can lose ourselves to the mindless minutia and in this process we loses our dreams and goals.  

Many of us, ourselves included, start basing our value and our goals on our children.  When they are accomplishing we feel good about ourselves and when they are failing we take it personally and feel that we are failing.  When we take time to rediscover our goals we remember that we are separate from our children’s accomplishments.  Their successes and set backs aren’t ours.  They are theirs alone.  The beauty of this moment is we can decide right now to create goals for OURSELVES.  We can dig back deep in our lives and rediscover what we loved, what our passions were and who we wanted to be when we grew up.  We can chose to be intentional with our lives and our time and decide to invest in those things again.  Decide to invest in ourselves again.  Even if it is just starting out with 5 minutes a day to think about a dream or goal. Then maybe its 10 minutes a day.  Then maybe you take the first small step and then the next small step and so on until you reach that dream. Yes, there will be set backs but those will also set us up to reach our goals too.  

So what is a concrete, fun and easy way to get started?  Vision Boards!  We love vision boards.  A vision board is a place where you cut out pictures and words to show your hopes and dreams.  We do these with our girls in our First Love You empowerment classes.   The girls love them and are so proud of their vision boards.  Try making one and we bet you will feel the same way. We encourage you to set out some time with yourself and/or with your children to make a vision board.  Then display it somewhere that you will see it and get to work achieving girl!  If we can do it you can definitely do it. It is not an accident that you have those dreams in your heart.  Go for it! We believe in you and are here to support you on your journey.  Let us know what dreams you come up with for YOU!


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First Love You means to accept yourself as you are, including aspects that you cannot change. To have self-respect,a positive self-image, and an unending supply of self-acceptance. You must first love yourself, in order to love others.

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