Intentional Friendship💜💜💜



Take a minute to think about all of YOUR current friendships. Now think about which of those friendships are positive and encouraging.

We do a friendship activity with our girls in class in the form of a fun quiz. We ask the girls to think about all of their friendships and then write down yes or no for each:
do you have fun with your friends, do your friends support you, do you support your friends in return, are your friends kind to you, etc. It reminds us of the quizzes we would take in our teen magazines when we were younger. Did anyone else love those too?! We really aged ourselves with the magazine reference!!

Ok, back to our topic. Think about friends that you feel like you can be yourself with, your true, full self and not receive judgment. Also think about which of those friendships fill you up. You know the feeling, after being with them or talking to them you feel good, you feel refueled. You don’t second guess or analyze what was said, you just feel good. What if we told you that you have a choice. We can each choose our friends. We only have so many hours in a day and we can each be intentional about who we spend our time with. We are in charge of our own lives! Are we spending time with friends that fill our cups? Friends that encourage us to be our best selves and love us still when we aren’t? Think about it!

You are so amazing and deserve amazing friends that encourage, support and love you unconditionally.


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First Love You means to accept yourself as you are, including aspects that you cannot change. To have self-respect,a positive self-image, and an unending supply of self-acceptance. You must first love yourself, in order to love others.

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