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meditationDid you know that each of us has approximately 6,000 thoughts a day?  You read that right 6,000 thoughts A DAY.  That line of thinking got us thinking about positive thinking.  The power of positivity and thinking happy thoughts is a real scientifically proven theory.  So how do we try this positive thinking you ask, well here is what we have found to be helpful.  First, you have to practice recognizing your thoughts.  Many of us, ourselves included, go about our days never really thinking about what we are thinking.  So step one is to think about what you are thinking.  Personally, we love meditation, journaling and stillness.  We have found The Minute For Your Thoughts exercise really helpful too.  To try this out, set a timer for a minute and pay attention to your thoughts.  That’s it, just sit still and pay attention to your thoughts for a minute.  In our FLY self empowerment classes the girls do this by moving cotton balls.  They each start with a pile of cotton balls and move a cotton ball out of the pile for each thought they have for a minute.  (You can use anything, paper clips, legos, crayons, Cheerios, pencils, markers, feel free to be creative with this, really anything you have a pile of around the house will work.)   During the minute you are going to be thinking.  Remember its important never to judge your thoughts in any way. Step one is just recognizing your thoughts.  Step two, is deciding if the thought is nourishing or depleting.  A nourishing thought makes you feel good about yourself and your circumstance.  A depleting thought doesn’t make you feel good about yourself and your circumstance.  Again no judgment for nourishing or depleting thoughts!  The final step is recognize the depleting thought and turn it into a nourishing thought.  This takes time and practice so be kind to yourself in the process.  If you start with turning one thought from a depleting thought into a nourishing thought, your on your way.  So to recap:

  1. Recognize thoughts;
  2. Ask yourself is the thought nourishing or depleting;
  3. Replace depleting thoughts with nourishing thoughts;
  4. Continue forever. 

Try this with your family too.  Kids are such quick learners and actually love learning that they are in control of their thoughts.  Try it and let us know what you think about happy thinking.

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