Resilience is a cornerstone of our program. We  know that life can be difficult.  There are bumps in the road and as much as we would love nothing more than to put our kids in a bubble and protect them from any kind of pain, that’s not possible.  Resilience is the ability to overcome difficulties. We practice resilience when we go through a difficult time, make a mistake or fail.  It is COMPLETELY NORMAL to go through a difficult season, make a mistake and fail.  We have ALL went through difficult times, made mistakes (some worse than others;) and have failed more times than we can count.  We are imperfect, and that is normal!!

What we have found important is what you do during and after the difficulty. First, you can acknowledge the difficulty; then look to it for feedback.  Take inventory, see what you can learn, how have you changed and how did you grow.  Every single failure, difficult situation, or mistake can teach us something that ultimately makes us stronger.

Time to practice! Take some time this week to sit with yourself.  Write about a difficult time in your life, a mistake you made or a time you failed.  Then, write about how you overcame that challenge.  Finally, write about what you learned from it and the strength you gained from it. You have that same strength and resilience inside you today and everyday. You are so strong and can get through anything!!


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First Love You means to accept yourself as you are, including aspects that you cannot change. To have self-respect,a positive self-image, and an unending supply of self-acceptance. You must first love yourself, in order to love others.

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